When you're reading this - Original by Emma

Hey baby, when you're reading this, just know that I am save. I will miss the times I spend with you and all the things we shared. We were not prepared to say goodbye , too soon, to let go and go on... (Chorus: So when you're reading this, there are many reasons why I'm gone, but I will be near you forever, just look up at the sky at night and search for te brightest star 'cause baby thats me and darling thats where you are.) I know you'll miss me, but I hate to see you cry, I know you don't deserve this and I know you ask yourself "Why?" why us? Why me? Why me? Why you? Why did you leave me alone? Come home! (Chorus) Do you still remember my favorite shirt? My favorite word? And tell me, do you still remember the times in high school? When you changed me and showed me the meaning of life? (Chorus)

17.2.14 19:55


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