Stay Strong - Original by Emma

She was afraid of forgetting, What's right and what's wrong, Ending up losing herself... Everytime that she rose she fell again and got hurt. She was stuck in the past, But still kept moving on. Hoping the shining light would show her the way out. (Chorus: It's easy to forget, What really matters in life, It's hard to not give up, To hold on everytime. When I try to fix mistakes, I keep making a mess, The pain will dissapear, but the scars will remain, But I'll stay strong.) She felt so empty inside, She kept hurting herself. Trying to fight the pain in her chest. She built walls around herself, Never felt good enough. She built them higher up, Wanting to feel beautiful, Just once, But she kept moving on. She kept the faith and her head held high. She won't ever surrender! (Chorus) Here I am. I stand strong. They don't change me, Break me, Fool me no (Chorus) She was afraid of forgetting what's right and what's wrong, Still staying strong...

17.2.14 20:08


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